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Gone, But Never Forgotten


(Steady Special - Key Account by Keystoner)

Nickname: "Tiny"

Registered Standardbred Mare

13.3 Hands

Color: Bay, Markings: None

04/25/1977 - 04/30/2013





Tiny was foaled in Ohio, and was sold at the age of 3 to a man in Pennsylvania. She lived at his farm until the age of 29, and when he passed away, his instructions were to sell all of the horses at auction except Tiny. She was to be shot. He thought that he was sparing Tiny an uncertain fate by not sending her to auction. He did not realize that most horses don't find good homes when they are sold at an auction. Many go to slaughter because there are simply too many horses, and not enough private homes. A good friend and one of our Board members talked to the gentleman's daughter and assured her that Tiny still had a lot of life left in her, and although she was twenty-nine and no one else wanted her, she could have a permanent, forever home with Bright Futures Farm. Tiny lived happily at Bright Futures Farm for over 6 years and was very healthy and happy. She was a sweetheart and loved attention. She will be in our hearts forever and will be sorely missed.



There are many horses that live full-time at Bright Futures Farm. Just like Tiny, many are old and have been discarded because of their age. We give these wonderful horses a forever home, and love them and give them the good care they deserve. Click here to see the permanent residents at Bright Futures Farm.


Will you consider sponsoring one of these wonderful horses? To inquire about sponsoring a permanent resident, contact us at (724) 496-4960, or click on the "More Info" tab above. Sponsorships start at $25.00 per month for feed, hay, vet, farrier, and dental. The cost to care for just one horse at our rescue is $250.00 each month, so any amount you can give each month will help us take care of our horses!


Also, please share Bright Futures Farm with your friends on social media by clicking on the Share tag at the top of this page. To make a donation and help Bright Futures Farm save horses, please click the Give tab below.



We always need help each month caring for the many wonderful horses that live at Bright Futures Farm. Most of the horses that come through our doors have been shuffled from place to place, and have been abused and neglected. The horses that have permanently retired to our farm are the one's with the saddest stories of  all, because these are the horses that no one wants. Some of these horses have grown old, and because they cannot be ridden and are no longer "useful," no one wants them anymore. Other horses that live at our farm are also considered by many to be "useless," because they have disabilities and injuries. No matter what the reason is, when a horse come to live with us at Bright Futures, we make it our number one priority to see that it will be safe, and have a BRIGHT FUTURE for the rest of its life. Please consider sponsoring one of these very special horses each month? You will literally be giving them the gift of life.

Would you like to sponsor one of our wonderful permanent residents?

There are two ways to sponsor one of our permanent residents at Bright Futures Farm. You can either choose a one-time sponsorship of $25.00, or you can choose to sponsor a horse every month. Please fill out the form below, and be sure to include your horse's name in the "WHAT HORSE DO YOU WANT TO SPONSOR?" field.

NOTE: You can cancel recurring monthly sponsorships at any time by calling us at (724) 496-4960.

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