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Join us Sunday, September 16th, from noon-4:00 pm for our Annual Open House. You've seen the beautiful photos of our rescued horses on our website and social media pages, and this is the day you can meet them in person! Everyone has their favorite...come meet yours!


There will be a raffle of over 30 gift baskets, 50-50 raffle, Pony Plop Bingo featuring The Girls Next Door, Buttercup and Leasha! Get your photo taken with your favorite horse and Fast Market, son of Secretariat (limited space available)!


There will also be a large yard sale and a huge sale of tack, stable supplies and supplements... all proceeds going toward the care of the permanent resident horses here at our sanctuary. If you're a 4-H or pony club member, or a new horse owner, there is something for everyone at the tack sale.


Bring a donation of horse food, cat food or cat litter and receive 25 tickets to use for the Gift Basket Raffle:

  • Purina Equine Senior Horse Feed (1 bag)
  • Legends Carb Care Senior Horse Feed (1 bag)
  • Clumping cat litter (2 jugs or 1 pail)
  • 16-25 lb bag of dry cat food (please, no 9-Lives or generic/store brands)
  • Case of canned cat food with gravy (24 count)


Bright Futures Farm's 3rd Annual Pony Plop Bingo will happen at our Open House on Sunday September 16, 2017! We have two "ponies" this year - The Girls Next Door! - Buttercup and Leasha. Buttercup is the "pony" whose plop counts!


You can get your squares through givinggrid (play below) and upload a photo of your favorite pet! You can also mail a check or money order to get your squares to Bright Futures Farm, 238 Old Franklin Pike, Cochranton, PA 16314. We'll randomly assign your squares and publish a map on Facebook that we'll periodically update so you know which squares are yours.


  • Each square is $10.
  • Buy 5 squares and you'll get a Fast Market mug!
  • Buy 10 squares and you'll get a Fast Market mug and a lock of his hair! If you come to Open House, you can pick it up then, otherwise we'll free ship to you.
  • Person with the winning square will get $250!


Please donate to get a square (or more) and share with friends and family.  It's fun and a great way to help us feed the senior kids through the winter!


Buttercup, the little Palomino mare is the Girl we're watching! When she "plops," the following rules apply:


  • If Buttercup plops in only one square and it has been purchased, there is one winner.
  • If Buttercup plops on more than one square, the square with the most by volume wins.
  • Please get one (or more) squares so that we're guaranteed to have a winner!


Get a Photo, Halter or Mug of Fast Market ("Markie"), Son of the Legendary Racehorse, Secretariat


PHOTOS: Patricia McQueen has specialized in Thoroughbred photography since 1983 and her favorite subject and favorite Thoroughbred was Secretariat. Fast Market (Markie) is the 2nd oldest living son of Secretariat. He raced in Canada and the United States and is currently a permanent resident at Bright Futures Farm. He spends his days grazing, playing, rolling (his favorite thing to do), and hanging out with his best buddy, Brite Decision.


Patricia generously made the trip from Boston to our farm in Pennsylvania twice now... once on December 21st, 2016 and most recently, October 6, 2017, to photograph and write about Markie, since he is one of Secretariat's stakes winners. What a privilege and honor it is to have her visit Bright Futures Farm! We quickly found that Patricia is one of the most–if not THE most–knowledgeable person on all things "Secretariat" as a sire.

Patricia has generously offered some of her prints of Markie for sale as a fundraiser for Bright Futures Farm. Each of Patricia's photographs is offered in 8x10, 11x14, and 16x20 prints and will be signed by Patricia. (They will not include the watermark you see here on each image.) They are professionally printed and would be a lovely addition to any racing memorabilia collection or for any horse lover!


There are eighteen prints available and each print will be created and shipped by Patricia. All proceeds will benefit the rescue efforts at Bright Futures Farm, a trusted 501(c)(3) equine charity. PRICE INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING TO US AND CANADA.


Fast Market

Son of Secretariat




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